Well howdy there folks! (– wait, what was that? I definitely do not have a southern accent.)

Let me start over — Hello everyone!

I’ve been holding off on writing this “About You” section for some time now and I figured I would just roll up my sleeves and go for it. The reason why I’ve been hesitant is mostly (o.k. entirely) due to the fact I wasn’t sure how to introduce  myself.

I mean this isn’t a yearbook nor is it an online dating site, so topics such as “Life Aspirations” and “Deal-Breakers” can’t necessarily be mentioned in this section. So the question remains: What Do I Say?

I guess I can start off by saying I’ve recently graduated with a B.A. in Communications and Business Administration. I’ve learned a lot of things, but honestly I was looking forward (–more like need) to get my hands a bit dirty and test the waters of the “Real World”.
As far as my “life” I enjoy reading and writing… a lot. I’ve recently discovered this cute coffee shop near my place and I’ve spent many afternoons there with my bestie, my partner-in-crime, pondering life’s purpose and reminiscing on our past. Our biggest coffee-shop undertaking, so far, has been coming up with some sort of half-decent plan of attack for our lives once we graduate, which is why we decided to kick start this whole “Luck Project” in the first place.

— I have no idea how long this section is supposed to be. I should definitely look that up, right? Am I just supposed to type “Appropriate length for my About Section?” in Google’s search bar? I’m probably over-analyzing this way too much right. Oh dear god. I need to stop typing right this second. STOP. TYPING. NOW.

(*slowly stepping away from the keyboard*)


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