…When getting lucky in love become less about that finding Mr. Right, and more about finding yourself.

Although most encounters with Cupid’s so-called “plan” make us feel alone, frustrated and, quite frankly, a bit crazy. I’m convinced the the strong and confident women around me all have that “one” story.  The Luck Outlet is on a quest to unearth the funniest, most absurd, and amazingly remarkable episodes and escapades women from my generation have been faced with, travelled through and overcome on their path to finding their Mr. Right.

Who knows, you may have already found him, and heck you may still be chasing after the sucker? Regardless, we’ve all lived, loved, and learned through passion and heart-break. When it comes down to it,  those who are truly lucky are the ones who’ve realized that the most important person one can find on our pursuit of love, is you.

Are you bold, brave, and fearless enough to share the compelling tale of your love-struck adventure (–or in some cases, mishap)? Give us a shout, we always love a good story.

#gettinglucky in love




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